WHY - Party Cruisers Limited Franchise Model

At Party Cruisers limited, we are always looking for passion as the main driving force to grow our business through Franchise. We have a stable HR platform, where in our Franchisors will get all the support, training, research and innovation that we do as a company. We respect the identity of each individual and hence encourage ideas and we pay keen attention to detail with strict adherence to the quality of the services we give to our clients.

Ours is a Profitable Partnership Model giving many opportunities to people who like to partner with us. When you choose us, as your partner, you not only get the brand name but the brand comes with 16 years of mega experience in giving Signature Weddings to the clients. We dedicate a lot of time in training and focus towards our goals and vision to get the company to the top ranking names of Best Wedding Organizers. We work in Unity and are open to all opportunities and talents with productive inputs to the growth of our company.

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Our Current Franchise's

Jammu – Sub Franchise

Ranchi – Sub Franchise

Jaipur – Sub Franchise

Hyderabad – Sub Franchise

Goa – Sub Franchise

Why opt for our Franchise?

A. Integrated Structure

Buying a franchise is one of the best options one can do to kick starting their own business. You already get a ready-made system of working; there are no trial and errors that you have to do. It’s a well-experimented, improved upon, thought-upon and then implemented system that is already in place. You can concentrate on other prospects of expanding your team and sales.

B. Success at your doorstep

Since you have already bought a running business model, you do not really have to bother about building a brand or talking to many people or advertising extravagantly. The business model is already running at some place so that helps you to implicate what they are doing and helps get Success in business.

C. Corporate Brand and Image

The Franchise model is already an established and well serving business model to the communities across. The corporate brand and image will speak for itself and you do not really have to work too hard to create business awareness.

D. Finance is Easy

The business moneylenders trust the business models that are already successful rather than a newly built-up business model. Banks also trust and see the proven success track record of businesses already running before financing. It gets easy to attain and arrange for finances for same franchise model.

E. Training Module

The franchisor companies give training to new franchisees, giving them tips to run the outlet in the same manner as their own. The training is held either at the Corporate office or the new Franchise location. This is the main difference between running a franchise or owning a completely new business, you can run business efficiently without any hurdles.

F. Support at Hand

When you are a franchise, you are never alone since you have on-going support from the corporate office always. You can always rely on the team to help you incase if you are stuck anywhere.

G. Marketing the Business

Since, it’s a franchise model there is no external need to do aggressive advertising for your business. The franchisor generally takes care of all the advertising and if he doesn’t do, he may help you with the outline and guidance that you have to follow. Some vendors may already have successful tried and tested system in place for you.

H. Exclusive Business

When you own a Franchise, you are having particular territory under your banner to do the business. Usually, the Franchisors have limit set up to the number of Franchise that could be open in a particular geographical area. You are given a certain area and no other person shall be allowed to open the business within that area.

I. Multiple Outlets

Once you own a Franchise, you are open to unlimited options! After successfully opening one franchise you can grow your business by having multiple franchise. You can become a multi-unit Franchise owner.

The franchise business offers lucrative opportunities for people who are looking to double their income. After opening one franchise and a successful experience, you can opt to open many franchise under your name. This will help you have double income and also be the owner of multi units of the same brands.